rules, music
  - Maximum amount of channels is 32

- Maximum size of the song is 1024 kb in a playable format (including all samples, pattern data, etc.)

- Maximum running length is 3 minutes

- FastTracker 2 modules (.XM) with up to 32 channels

- Scream Tracker 3 modules (.S3M) with up to 32 channels

- Impulse Tracker (IT) modules. All Impulse Tracker modules MUST be saved in the IT2XX format and thus not be packed. Songs will be replayed with the SB16 MMX driver

- Basic Protracker modules (.MOD) with 4 channels, also extended PT-like formats with up to 32 channels are supported (no executables, no renamed, no powerpacked)

- All songs will be played with PC compatible player using a Soundblaster AWE 64

- Only one song by one musician