rules, PC demo
  - Maximum size in executable form is 6144 kb (6 MB)

- Maximum showing time is 8 minutes, the demo itself can be longer

- Maximum base memory requirement is 550 kb

- All entries have to work inside a Windows 95/98 DOS box

- 100% VGA register level compatible graphics modes and SVGA modes up to 640*480 are accepted

- You are free to use any number of colors but the demo has to work also with only 256 colors

- Pure animation files are not accepted

- Also executables only including an animation and an animation player will not be accepted, this is not an animation competition

- Gravis Ultrasound (max. 1mb) and SB PRO/SB 16/SB AWE32 (max. 2mb) support required. The demo has to have also a "no sound" option