The Helsinki Fair Centre is easily accessible from all directions, locally and internationally. It is just five minutes by train from Helsinki city centre - all trains stop at Pasila station, next to the Fair Centre. The airport is just 15 minutes away and harbor connections are also very convenient. Trams and busses stop right outside the Main entrance.

Helsinki. Click on the map for a bigger version.

Click here for the bus, tram and local train timetables.


From the airport

If you are arriving by plane you will land at the Helsinki Airport. You can travel to the Fair Centre by taking a normal taxi (most expensive but fastest), a special airport taxi (a little less expensive but not as fast) or taking a bus.

The taxis cost about 100 FIM and the bus ticket costs 15 FIM.


From the harbors

If you are coming from Sweden you will arrive in the Southern harbor (marked on the map). You can either take a taxi, tram or any local train to the Fair Centre.

If you are coming from Estonia or Saint Petersburg you will most propably land in the Western harbor. You should either take a bus to the center of Helsinki or take a taxi.

Tram number 7a and 7b go from the center of Helsinki to the Fair Centre. The trams go stop right outside the Main entrance of the Fair Centre.

All local trains leave from the Railway station. All of them stop at the Pasila railway station. The Fair Centre is about 250 meters from the railway station.


From the bus station

The bus station is located in the center of Helsinki. The central railway station is about 300 meters from the bus station. You should either take a tram, taxi or a local train to the Fair centre (see above).


By car

If you are arriving in your own car you are in luck. The Fair Centre parking lot can host up to 3 000 cars. Look at the map for driving routes.